Titanium Salon

At Titanium Salon, our number one priority is improving the spirit and well being of the individual, while also enhancing beauty through an experience. We specialize in certain product lines, are certified in different practices, and have an amazing team. Learn more about the stylists below.


Meet The Stylists


Lisa Pontillo

Lisa Pontillo is the lead hair stylist and owner of Titanium Salon. Her first job out of high school was a stylist assistant, and she instantly became infatuated with the industry. Outside of work, Lisa enjoys yoga, spending time with her family, and traveling. After losing someone special in 2013, Lisa went through a pivotal transition, but within the sadness came growth and fullness. The following year she gave birth to her son. “Creating a life was so special. Watching him experience life helps me grow on a daily basis,” Lisa says. In the future, Lisa hopes to open more salons, implement teaching methods into her work, continue traveling, and fuel the creativity of other stylists. Most of all, she wants to be present in the moment, write her own story and live this life with passion.

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Tiffany Bonner

Tiffany is a hairstylist at Titanium Salon. She got her start in the beauty industry as a salon receptionist in college and has been doing hair since 2000. She strives to create a family-like relationship with clients and make them feel better about themselves. Nothing pleases Tiffany more than coming home to her husband and a home-cooked meal. During her free time, she loves to spend time with her family, complete DIY projects, and go hiking. Her primary goal for the future is to travel more. A Mediterranean Cruise, visiting Southern Italy and Greece are some of the experiences she wants to obtain.

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Kimberly Grim

Kim is a junior stylist who is ready to dominate in the beauty industry. Prior to working at Titanium Salon, she worked in healthcare on the Phoenix Children’s Hospital ambulance. She enjoyed it, but ultimately decided to follow her passion, and enrolled at Penrose Academy, a beauty school in Phoenix. In 2018, she plans to build her business, travel, and create opportunities to work in the fashion industry as well. Booking your appointment with Kim

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